By booking with you have accepted our Terms & Conditions and are expected to abide by this rules and regulations. This will also be provided to you once again when you sign our leasing agreement.Upon check-in Guest(s) will receive the House Manual including in house rules.

Guest(s) and all other occupants acknowledge and agree to comply with By-Laws and Rules & Regulations of the Building and/or condominium association during the term of the contract, failing to do so, Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites has the right to terminate the contract for misconduct without refund.

Guest(s) and all other occupants must keep their personal belongings inside the Apartment bicycles, shoes, door mats, carriages, umbrellas etc. are not permitted to be left in the hallways or passageways.

All Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites clients will be responsible/liable for all guests which accompany him/her during their stay with us. If the person(s), or any of that person(s) guests, are not acting in a suitable fashion, Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suitesis entitled to have that client(s) evicted along with their company, without the right to claim any remuneration whatsoever.

Guest(s) may not solicit or use the apartment for other than residential purposes. An excessive level of noise will not be tolerated at any time. All loud music, parties or obscene disturbances from our clients are Strictly Forbidden and will NOT be tolerated. If we receive any complaints in regards to our clients, for any of the above mentioned purposes, Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suiteswill immediately evict the client no matter what time of day it is. In the event of an eviction, the client will have their rent and deposit forfeited without any compensation.

Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites has the right to terminate a Lease Agreement at any time on the grounds of abuse to staff or other Guest(s), mistreatment of the apartment or criminal activity on the part of those occupying the apartment or their guests. In such circumstances Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites is not obliged to provide or locate alternative accommodation. The period of notice and the refund applicable are entirely at the discretion of Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites.

In accordance with Canadian Law, and for the comfort of all its guests, Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites offers a smoke free environment. There will be No Smoking or burning of candles or incense permitted in any property managed by Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites. Individuals smoking in the apartments will be subject to eviction and responsible for complete sanitation and restoration costs. Smoking will only be permitted on terraces but please keep in mind that it is forbidden to throw cigarette butts off balconies or onto public or private property.

The only permitted occupants are those notified to Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites in advance. Guest(s) are not permitted to sublet the apartment to anyone. The number of persons permitted to occupy the apartment is limited to the number indicated on the Leasing Contract including children and overnight guests. Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites reserves the right to refuse admittance to the apartment if this condition is not complied with. If there is any infringement of the above mentioned obligations, Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites at its discretion, will be authorized to request the guest to leave the apartment without the right to claim any remuneration.

Some but not all, of the properties where Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites has apartment’s permits pets: For any apartments where pets are permitted, a Pet Agreement must be signed by any guest wishing to accommodate their pet(s) in that apartment. Pets will only be allowed if permission has been granted in advance.

By providing at least 24hours noticeMontreal Furnished Apartments & Suites, may at any time access the apartment for the purpose of inspection of the apartment, and to carry our repair or maintenance work. Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites will make every effort to give advance notice to the Guest(s).

All prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars. Guest(s) agree to pay the rental of the apartment/s for the duration of the Lease Agreement and any/all applicable fees for additional services requested by the Guest(s). Payment can be made to Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites by Check, Credit Card, Pay-Pal, Bank SWIFT Transfer, or Cash. For the duration of the reservation and any extension of it, the Guest(s) agrees to pay fees for the rental of the apartment and any additional chargeable services which are utilized.

A Security Deposit of one (1) month’s rent will be held, and will be returned to the Guest(s), not exceeding 3days following departure.  The first month’s rent must be paid in full prior to check-in and the damage deposit paid upon check-in. Any reservation for longer than one month will be charged on a monthly basis after the initial payment. We reserve the right to terminate any Lease Agreement if payment does not reach us with 3 days after the 1st of each month.Confirmation of reservation is only guaranteed upon the receipt of payment.

CANCELLATION OF LEASE AGREEMENT – Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites must be notified in writing within THIRTY (30) days of any lease agreement cancellation, and the Guest(s) may be liable to pay cancellation charges of up to 50% of the reservation amount to a maximum of a THIRTY (30) day penalty if cancelled without a THIRTY (30) written notification.

***Please note that there will be NO refund for cancellations that occur less than Three (3) weeks prior to departure.

We strongly suggest that clients take their time and understand the penalties involved before confirming and signing the Lease Agreement. In the event of cancellation due to weather or force majored which is beyond their control we highly recommend that our clients purchase travel/trip cancellation insurance to cover cancellation penalties

CANCELLATION OF CONFIRMED RESERVATION – You must notify us in writing by Email for any reservation cancellation. Cancelling a confirmed reservation will be subject to a penalty depending on the number of days before the rental period begins.

***Please note that there will be NO refund for cancellations that occur less than Three (3) weeks prior to occupancy

Montreal Furnished Apartments &Suites’ published rental rates are subject to change without notice. Reconfirm rates on all reservations, extensions or new leases. In-house Guest(s) staying greater than one (1) month and who are paying a monthly rate will be given one (1) month’s prior notice of any rate change.


The Guest(s) are requested to vacate their apartment by 11:00 A.M. and arriving Guest(s) to check-in after 3:00 P.M. Changes required by the Guest(s) on the departure and arrival time must be communicated to Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites for confirmation of availability to change, and for us to accommodate you. We provide flexible check-in and check-out times with a 1 hour grace period, however for late check-out beyond 1:00 PM service charge of ($25) will be added, and for check-ins past 20:00PM the same service charge will also apply.

Return or pick-up of keys and remotes will be made available.

If there is any delay in vacating the apartment beyond the agreed time, extra charges apply and may be charged to the Guest(s).

Acceptance of changes in check-in dates remains at the sole discretion of Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites and may be viewed as a cancellation. In extreme circumstances Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites may find it necessary to cancel a reservation and if so, Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites shall make all practical efforts to offer a comparable alternative. If this is not acceptable, Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites will refund any sum paid in advance; which shall constitute full and final settlement of any liability Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites may have as a result of such cancellation.

The Guest(s) agree to indemnify Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites against loss, injury, damage, cost, action, or cause of action of any nature whatsoever caused by any of the Guest(s), Permitted Occupant(s) or of any person they invite into the apartment.

Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites is not liable in any way for any lost, damaged or stolen items of the Guest(s) used or contained in the Apartment during the Guest(s) stay or left in the apartment once the Guest(s) has vacated.

The Guest(s) hereby releases, remises, and forever discharges Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites and it’s representatives, from any and all liability, injury, loss and damages, including personal injury and death that may arise from or in relation to the Guest(s) exclusive possession of the apartment and use the apartment until the departure date, whenever or however they occur. The Guest(s) are also responsible for maintaining the apartment and its contents in good condition. Except in the case of normal wear and tear, the Guest(s) are responsible for any damage to the apartment or its contents during their stay which has occurred due to the negligence, willful default or irresponsible behavior on the part of the Guest(s).

The Guest(s) will ensure that nothing is done which may jeopardize Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites or any part of it in respect to its contracted apartment’s and its contents. The Guest(s) and occupants are advised to maintain appropriate liability insurance and homeowners and/or tenants insurance for their own personal possessions. Neither Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites nor the owner(s) of the apartments shall be held liable for any direct or indirect damages that may arise as a consequence of the use by the client of the apartment. This includes losses due to fire, robbery, insurance, or criminal behavior.



 Damaged or Lost Keys/Locksmith Services
Guest(s) shall be responsible for the costs of replacing lost Keys, Locksmith Displacement charges or for any damage caused by abuse or neglect. There will be a minimum charge of $100.00 for lost keys, and minimum of $150.00 for each of the following lost items: garage door remote controls. A lock out charge of $75.00 will be billed to the Guest(s) account for any required re-access to the apartment.

Guest(s) who alter the communications/service provider (i.e. phone, internet, tv etc), without consent of Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites will incur a $150.00 service fee charged to their account.

Housekeeping & Utilities Guest(s) are responsible for maintaining the overall cleanliness and condition of the interior of the apartments. Upon departure, Guest(s) are expected to leave the apartment in the same condition that we have provided or be billed a minimum of $75.00 for additional cleaning costs associated with the state of the apartment such as waste removal. Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites conducts a final cleaning and inspection of each apartment upon Guest(s) departure.

Please keep in mind that all our apartment information and descriptions are to the best of our knowledge, as we try our best to maintain accuracy and check details wherever possible, Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suitescannot be held liable for any errors or omissions that may arise. Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suitesalso reserves the right to change information published on the site at any time including rental rates, descriptions or photographs. Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suitesalso reserves the right to update any of its Terms & Conditions at any time, as may be required. The onus is placed on all parties, using the site, to undertake adequate measures to ensure that they visit any such terms and conditions on a regular basis.