THIS INTERNET USAGE POLICY represents the complete agreement and understanding between the Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites, and the tenant, for the use of the internet service provided by Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites. Tenant's use of Internet shall comply with this policy. Upon notice published on-line via Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites web site Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites may modify this policy as well as discontinue or change the services offered. Tenant's use of the Internet after modification shall constitute tenant's acceptance of the modifications.

  1. The Internet Service is a service whereby a tenant may gain direct high speed access to the Internet via a wireless modem in the tenant's Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites rental unit.
  2. The Internet Service is included in the tenant’s monthly rental and is not provided as a separate service. Additional cost may apply in certain apartments if usage is above the limit specified in the particular apartment. Any exceedance of the internet usage will be charged at $3.00/GB.
  3. Your use of the Internet is at your own risk and you assume total responsibility for your use. Neither Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites nor any of its underlying service providers, employees, or staff, warrant that the Internet Service will be uninterrupted or error free; nor does Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites or any of its underlying service providers, employees, or staff, make any warranty as to the results to be obtained from the use of the Internet Service.
  4. The Internet Service is distributed on an "as is", "as available" basis without warranties of any kind.
  5. You expressly acknowledge that you will not in any way hold Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites responsible for any content selection.
  6. Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites does not make any express or implied warranties, representations or endorsements whatsoever. Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites shall not be liable for any cost or damage arising either directly or indirectly from your internet use. It is solely your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of all opinions, advice, services, merchandise and other information provided through your use of the internet.
  7. You agree that you will be responsible for all of your Internet usage and any other services accessed through the Internet whether or not authorized by you.
  8. You agree not to change the wireless internet password without the written consent of Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites.
  9. This Internet Usage Policy will be in effect from the date you occupy the furnished suite apartment managed byMontreal Furnished Apartments & Suites or the time you first access the Internet Service whichever comes first. The Internet Service may be terminated by Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites at any time by written notice by Montreal Furnished Apartments & Suites, or at any time with or without notice for your non-payment, other default, or violation of any terms of this Internet ServicePolicy.